Charity Commitment

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The Children's Literacy Charity

The Children's Literacy Charity exists because every year in the UK, 1 in 5 children leave primary school without reaching the expected levels of literacy. This means that approximately 1.62 million children in English schools can’t access the school curriculum because they aren’t reading well enough. For every 15 working PCs or laptops we receive, we donate the value of one tutoring session for a child at risk of illiteracy.

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FareShare is an award-winning food charity which redistributes unwanted food from supermarkets and food retailers and sends them to homeless centres, hostels and soup kitchens around the country. Every time Paper Round makes a collection of your food waste bins, we will donate 25p to FareShare, providing one meal for a vulnerable person.

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​Friends of the Earth

The UK 's most influential environmental campaigning organisation tackling issues such as climate change, recycling, GM crops and protecting the countryside.

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Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities is an independent charity, which inspires people to plant and love trees in cities worldwide. Set up as Trees for London in 1993, Trees for Cities’ aim is to create social cohesion and beautify our cities through tree planting, community-led design, education and training initiatives in urban areas that need it most.

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​The Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

ZSL: Devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. Their scientists, animal management teams and veterinarians contribute wide-ranging skills and experience to both practical conservation and to the scientific research.

Paper Round is an official corporate partner of ZSL.

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The Marine Conservation Society

MCS believes too much is being taken out, and too much is being put into our seas. The MCS team works to reduce the threats to our ocean and build an optimistic future. Their scientists, campaigners, volunteers, advocates, data experts, fundraisers, divers and researchers are all united by the common cause of creating a sustainable future for our seas. Paper Round supports their #STOPThePlasticTide campaign, which sees MCS lobby the government to reduce single-use plastics.

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