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Wednesday 9th December 2020

Some of the best crafts can be made from the cardboard leftover from loo roll or kitchen roll. Since some of you will have an abundance of these from panic-buying this year, we thought it could be fun to give you some Christmassy ways to re-use these before they go into the recycling bin.

1. Advent calendars

If you have been a little late on the Christmas front, there is still time to enjoy a home-made advent calendar. Or if you’re very organised and already have an advent calendar, why not consider this for next year? There are many creative ideas out there, but the best part is you can allocate yourself more than one chocolate per day!

2. Christmas wreath

Wreath-making is a favourite amongst Christmas lovers, and can be a fantastic family activity. Why not try showing your neighbours how sustainable and creative you are by showcasing an upcycled one this year. Remember to hang it somewhere out of the rain… it is still cardboard after all!

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3. Hanging snowflakes (or other decorations)

Decorate your house with enchanting hand-crafted ornaments, and make it feel like it’s snowing indoors even if we don’t get a white Christmas this year. Again, there are many variations so make these your own with some creative flair. Baubles and paper chains are also great decorations to make.

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4. Christmas characters

Create your own Christmas scene or nativity by making those cardboard rolls come to life! Whether you have saved up 50 rolls or 1, this craft is perfect to do with children as they often have the most imaginative ideas - who needs Lego?

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5. Christmas crackers

Crackers are one of our pet-hates when it comes to sustainability. They often contain single-use plastic items and the glitter on the outside makes them unrecyclable. Making your own crackers will ensure the surprise inside is valuable to the winner, whilst also being environmentally friendly. 

Please click here for a great tutorial on how to make these.

6. Gift wrap

Everyone knows by now that wrapping paper is the biggest faux pas of a sustainable Christmas. There are so many types out there fused with a thin layer of plastic, or that have glitter - making this single-use resource non-recyclable. Whilst many are now finding the time to source recyclable wrapping paper, why not try this alternative method for wrapping small items?

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7. Display your unused rolls

Maybe you don’t have any empty cardboard rolls, but you do still have a fully stocked cupboard of toilet rolls from all the panic buying (tut tut). Do not fear, there are still some fun Christmas ways you can utilise these.

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