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Wednesday 20th August 2014

There are some bits of rubbish that it is almost impossible to avoid generating; biscuit packets being a prime example in virtually any home or office. Increasingly popular, are coffee machines that use little pods of coffee which when spent will normally be put into the general waste bin. But isn’t there a better way of handling the waste arising from these modern luxuries?

Some coffee-pod machine manufacturers allow you to recycle your pods directly with them, free of charge. If you're using a Tassimo machine, terracycle will be able to recycle them for you.

That leads nicely onto what you can do with biscuit packets. Terracycle take hard-to-recycle waste and recycle it; either into products like lunch boxes, bags and notebooks, or they break down the plastics and use them in making outdoor furniture and other similar items. If you’ve got children, no doubt you’ve thrown away countless empty baby wipe packets and food pouches, well, they’ll take them too!

All you have to do is login to Teracycle, sign up to the products you want to recycle and then print off your free postage label.

Amongst other things they also take old stationery and coffee refill packs. Some products they accept are brand-specific, whilst others are not.

So there you go, another way of reducing the amount of general waste you, your family and your office are producing.

For more information head over to and sign up for free today!

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