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Thursday 10th April 2014

Our approach to waste and resource management isn’t just limited to our London operation. Down in Brighton we work on a variety of projects to inspire people to recycle. These have included a polystyrene fish, a bicycle pulling a cart full of food waste bins and most recently the Brilliant Brighton BID. The BID incorporates over 500 businesses in the heart of the city and works hard to make the area safer, more successful and greener. (The greener bit was Bertie’s favourite!)

In terms of waste and resource management, BIDs are hugely important because they allow whole areas to manage their waste more effectively. For us this means we can carefully plan our routes, minimising pollution and reducing our CO2 emissions.

When we were telling Bertie about the BID however, he was most excited about the part when he found out there was a shop called “Bert’s Homestore”.

The day after we’d told Bertie about what goes on down in Brighton we found these pictures in his folder, so we’re not quite sure if he went down or not...

If you’d like to find out more about Brilliant Brighton you can take a look at their website:

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