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Wednesday 26th March 2014

Bertie was really excited this week because he finally got to go and see the reason for our 2degrees awards entry, our new MRF and Shredding Facility in Purfleet, Essex. He was ready to set off bright and early in his travelling bag.

Along with Bertie there were also some other important visitors. We like to take clients across to our facility so that they can see precisely what happens to their waste once it leaves their premises.

To start off with he really wanted to go downstairs and even put some boots on ready but we explained for a bear of his size, it’s a little bit too dangerous so he contented himself with looking out of the windows. We also explained the diagrams of the MRF in our board room to him. To begin with we explained that the yard is now capable of processing 200 tonnes of paper per week. Our baler is capable of baling 10 tonnes per hour which is around 24 bales. Paper is collected and taken to a paper mill in France to be turned back into Image paper.

So how does having a new yard and improved processing capabilities help with waste and resource management? As Bertie found out, the facility allows us to process materials more efficiently. The purchase of a Bollegraaf baler means more paper can be transported, reducing our CO2 emissions and increasing our output capability. The increased amount of space means we can utilise all of our resources and manage them effectively.

Don't forget, you can still vote in the 2 degrees awards here:

We'll be posting more pictures of Bertie's trip on social media throughout the week too!

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