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Tuesday 10th May 2016

At Paper Round we love finding new and innovative ways of recycling and we’re proud to announce our new partnership with bio-bean.

bio-bean recycle waste coffee grounds into bio fuel pellets. These pellets are used to heat buildings and, in the near future, they’re looking to produce biodiesel at an industrial scale. “Where others see waste, bio-bean see resources in the wrong place”. Their ethos is simple: we drink 1000’s of litres of coffee every day, why can’t the energy left in the spent coffee grounds be harnessed as effectively as the caffeine we consume in the tasty beverage?  Every year in the UK, 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated by the 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste. Disposing of all those coffee grounds can cost as much as £50 million.

bio fuel pellets © bio-bean limited

In addition to our existing food waste recycling service, we are now able to offer separate collections of coffee grounds. The bio-bean process diverts coffee grounds away from regular food waste collections, which would ordinarily be taken to anaerobic digestion. By diverting coffee grounds into a more specialised treatment process, bio-bean are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a carbon-neutral bio-fuel.

Coffee recycling © bio-bean limited

How does it work?

Simply get in touch with us and we’ll come and assess your requirements. We’ve got special bins and posters at the ready to help you keep the waste streams separate, ensuring there’s no contamination. Once full, we’ll collect your coffee grounds and take them to bio-bean where they’ll be made into bio fuel pellets.

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