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Wednesday 11th December 2013

In the excitable time between the end of school (or work) and Christmas Day, it can be hard to channel the overwhelming amount of energy and excitement for Christmas. So here are a few ideas on how you can get creative and even reuse a few things whilst you’re at it!

Check out our home made angel on the top of our office tree!

  1. Make a cardboard Christmas tree for the children’s rooms. I experimented with this myself by cutting out two Christmas tree shapes from cardboard. On the first piece make a one inch cut from the bottom up and on the second piece make a cut from the top to about an inch from the bottom. You can slot them together and voila! One tree. If you haven’t got any green cardboard, you could stick green paper to the cardboard. But take it from me, if you’d like to add sparkles, glitter, general decorations, do it before you slot the two together – it gets very fiddly afterwards.
  2. Gather together all those off cuts of wrapping paper that are too small to do anything with and make some paper chains.
  3. Using that pile of scrap paper you’ve collected, make some snowflakes to stick on the windows.

So there you go, three ideas for reusing materials you’ve got lying around the house to help make things Christmassy and channel that excitement!

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