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Introducing Recorra

From November we will change our name and become Recorra.
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From November we will change our name and become Recorra. Click to find out more.

Tuesday 15th November 2016

If I say “hotel” to you, what do you think of? Swimming pools? Luxurious breakfast buffets? Free toiletries? Most hotels include complimentary toiletries but have you ever wondered what happens to the ones that are left behind? 70 million bars of soap and 200 million travel sized toiletries are going to waste in the UK every year. (Source, British Hospitality Association (PDF, 3MB))

Recently, we had a client, Andaz Hotel, come to us to see if we could find another solution for their unwanted toiletries to give them a new lease of life.

Their Senior Account Manager, Emily Bell, got Googling and came across Clean Conscience. Clean Conscience work with hotels to collect soaps and toiletries for recycling. They offer the first, and only, facility in the UK to do so.

Image courtesy of Clean Conscience

They understand how busy housekeeping teams are so they’ve worked with hotels to create a system that is easy to use. Clean Conscience deliver green crates to store the soap and toiletries before collecting them for recycling.

Once they have been processed, Clean Conscience redistribute the soap and toiletries to those in need. In doing this, they also create volunteering opportunities and employment opportunities. You can find out more about Clean Conscience on their website (Opens in a new tab).

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