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Wednesday 21st January 2015

Secure Paper, Paper Round's secure data destruction service, is proud to announce a brand new charity partnership with Springboard for Children.

Springboard exists because every year in the UK, 1 in 5 children leave primary school without reaching the expected levels of literacy. This means that approximately 1.62 million children in English schools can’t access the school curriculum because they aren’t reading well enough.

Our newly refreshed IT recycling and asset disposal service has partnered with Springboard. Now, for every 10 working PCs or laptops we receive, Secure Paper will donate the value of one tutoring session for a child at risk of illiteracy.

On Monday our staff received an inspiring talk Springboard's their Chief Executive, Mary Dawson. She came in to explain how Springboard work with children to help them with their literary skills. Each child is seen on an individual basis, so the techniques used can be tailored to their needs. A room is set up within the school, with a variety of resources including books, games and posters, to create a fun and inviting learning environment. In taking this approach, children are able to enjoy learning and fully develop their skills. The Springboard program is designed to increase the childrens' confidence in their own abilities. In doing so, they become more willing to learn new things. You can read more about how Springboard has impacted childrens lives on their website.

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