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Wednesday 28th January 2015

Those clever people at ExaClair have done it again. By managing to turn used orange cartons into sleek desktop organisers, they’ve provided yet another office product to get your colleagues talking, and here at Paper Round Stationery, we can’t wait to tell you all about it. But what makes this one such a special edition to your office? Read on and find out…

We all know how important recycling is, but sometimes the end result is not that desirable. For all the good it might do for our planet, nobody wants a coat stitched from used bin liners. But what if you could add value to your waste and produce a product that was even greater than the original? Now you can. Welcome to the world of upcycling. It’s a great way to reuse materials and reduce your carbon footprint. The Forever range shows you how…

So What’s it All About

Upcycling is the art of taking something no longer needed and giving it new life as something either useful or creative. It may seem like a basic concept, but the term was only coined towards the end of last century. Since then it has gradually grown into a revolution of its own. And with many of the Earth’s most useful resources rapidly running out, upcycling will soon become an everyday word.
More than 250,000 upcycled products have been made: you can buy kitchen tables made from salvaged barn wood, earrings created from old skateboards, even a bird house made from wine corks. The possibilities are limited only by creativity. And those people behind the Forever range, have creativity by the bucket load.
The latest offering from Forever helps you take this movement even further. Not only will it help you get organized for 2015, it will also help to bring a greener way of doing business to the forefront of your mind, with a daily reminder sitting on your desk.

Made from 100% recycled orange juice bottles the Forever drawer set is a stylish, upcycled accessory. The Forever range is Blue Angel certified and all products within the range are naturally, endlessly recyclable.
Because they’re design-led, the Forever drawer set is in high demand this year. But for a short period of time here at Paper Round we have an incredible offer for you. Order a set today and you will receive a magazine file absolutely free! Not only that, the Forever range is of such high quality that we’re happy to offer a 5 year guarantee.
Call us today on 0845 838 8743, or email us at and get yours today.

Got an innovative idea for upcycling? Let’s get talking #UpcycleMe

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