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Wednesday 31st July 2013

So first things first, flying. Travelling abroad, which many of us do, often involves some form of flying (Often over green stuff – see what I did there?) Well, I’m not about to say don’t fly: be green and take a ferry, coach, horse and cart or whatever other mode of transport takes your fancy because let’s face it, you’d roll your eyes and close the page. So here we go:

Natural Swimming Pools are another great way to promote local wildlife

1. Pack lightly – do you really need 4 spare t-shirts and that extra pair of shoes? Probably not.

2. Try and choose a nonstop flight – the most use of Carbon comes during landing and takeoff.

3. Go for economy – it’s cheaper and the same as car sharing, fitting more people in means more fuel efficiency.

For those of you staying in the country, why not look into using public transport instead of taking the car? When you add up the cost of fuel you may well find you save money. If you can’t avoid using the car, try and drive as efficiently as possible and pack lightly to avoid excess weight.

Whether you’re here or abroad here’s three ways to look out for the environment whilst you’re away:

1. Respect the local wildlife by sticking to the path and taking your rubbish with you (with any luck to be recycled but at the very least don’t leave it on the ground to blow around).

2. If your accommodation has air conditioning or heating, make sure it’s set to a reasonable temperature and when it’s on, shut the windows to avoid the benefits going out the window.

3. Buy local. Doing this will mean you’re supporting the local economy and help to make sure they benefit from your being there.

I’m afraid we won’t be here next week (hence this is a little longer) because our blog needs a rest too (which is in no way down to the fact that our resident blogger is going on holiday themselves). So, I hope those tips helped and happy holidays everybody!

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