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Thursday 18th August 2016

What's it all about?

ZSL are asking the public to imagine their lives without wildlife. That could be anything from opening the curtains and not hearing birds to the loss of big cats on the African plains.
On social media, All 4, in the cinema and on the tube you’ll be able to spot pictures of wildlife habitats devoid of animals and facts about how the animals are surviving now. For example, a shocking 95% of tigers are already gone from the wild.
Schools will take part in a competition to write a poem about what a world without wildlife would mean to them.  Schools are being encouraged to participate too! They can enter a poetry competition, where they can write about what a world without wildlife would mean to them.

Around 15-20 million seahorses are illegally traded every year.

Taking Part

If you’d like to take part, use the #WithWildlife, and let @OfficialZSLknow your thoughts. Or you can text ZSLWILDLIFE to 70300 to donate £3 to the cause.

You can find out more about the campaign on the ZSL website.

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