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Wednesday 21st July 2021

Week 8 of our #SustainABLEPathway and we’re excited to introduce our next commitment in this series: 

We will bring to market a range of innovative recycling services, optimised for clients wanting to reduce their Scope 3 emissions. 

Our SustainABLE Pathway commitment

Commitment Number 8

Your company’s carbon footprint is made up of emissions split into three ‘scopes’ (read here to find out more). Scope 3 emissions range from your business travel, to your distribution and storage of your company’s manufactured goods. They are everything that results from assets not directly owned by a company or activities undertaken by a supplier that are still vital to your company’s business.  

This includes any procured services, such as your waste management. With the previous 8 weeks of our #sustainABLEPathway commitments, we’ve outlined how we plan to reach net zero by 2030. Already, by working with Paper Round you will be taking a huge step towards reducing your Scope 3 emissions.  

This, however, is by no means the only step you should take. We’ve designed a range of new products and services with the intention to help you reduce emissions in your value chain.

Innovation in the waste industry

We’ve always been innovators. It’s in our blood. We’ve consistently been one of the first recycling companies to bring to market new recycling streams, such as coffee grounds, coffee cups and compostables. And we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon… 

Introducing our new range of services to innovate and drive forward London’s recycling industry:

SustainABLE Box

To capture all those pesky hard-to-recycle items and reduce your general waste, we’ve been busy creating SustainABLE Box. For avid readers of our blog, you’ll recognise this from our previous post, but we’re so proud we had to mention it again!

SustainABLE Box is designed to fit onto any desk or counter, and serves as a recycling bin for a number of items, usually destined for general waste. Just put the right sticker on the lid and fill the box with any one of these items: 

  • Coffee pods (both plastic and aluminium) 
  • Crisp packets 
  • Snack wrappers 
  • PPE 
  • Stationery 
  • Cup lids 
  • Plastic toiletries 
  • Plastic film 
  • Print cartridges 
  • Corks

Our service is fully transparent, we’ll tell you exactly about what happens to your waste so you can rest assured your materials will be processed in line with the waste hierarchy.  

We love a closed-loop story here at Paper Round. All the plastic waste collected from SustainABLE Box is processed into Stormboard, a flat pressed composite of your hard-to-recycle plastic waste – which is often destined for energy recovery. 

It is a durable and environmentally friendly alternative to MDF hoarding that can be used in a whole host of applications. Everything from garden furniture to lavatory partition walls, to the hoarding used around construction sites.  

We will soon be selling these through our office supplies website so that you can buy back your waste and put it to good use.

Head to our service page to read up on the full details or watch our short 'how to' video below:

SustainABLE Hub

Our SustainABLE Hub seeks to revolutionise waste management for multi-tenanted commercial buildings. Different tenants often have differing requirements and ambitions all within the same building, and it can be challenging for building managers to find the right recycling services to fit everyone’s needs.

The SustainABLE Hub is a fairer, greener way to solve this issue. Tenants can purchase pre-paid sacks to separate their recycling and leave in a communal drop-off point in the loading bay or bin area. It allows individual tenants to recycle a wider range of recycling services, outside of the standard building provisions.

Consolidating everyone’s collections in one place means less hassle for you, less traffic on the road, and less emissions in your value chain. How many sacks tenants use is completely up to them –  it’s flexible to their needs.

Carbon offsetting

So, you’ve reduced your carbon emissions as much as you can, but you’re still left with emissions in your carbon footprint. What next?

We’ve introduced a brand new carbon offset scheme with our trusted partner, Trees for Cities. The scheme is ISO 14064 accredited and actively removes CO2 from the atmosphere. We’ll provide you with a breakdown of the emissions associated with your waste and recycling collections and end-of-life processing and tell you how much this will cost to offset. Trees for Cities will then offset this amount and you can call your recycling and waste collections net zero!

To find out more about the pros and cons of offset schemes and how you can offset your waste and recycling with us, head to our week 6 blog.


As you can tell, we’ve got lots of exciting projects in the pipeline. Our #SustainABLEPathway is just the start of our journey to a low carbon, net zero future for us and our customers. This is our moment. Key to this journey is carbon reduction, which must be at the front-and-centre at every stage. 

By choosing to work with us and recycling what you can, you’re taking a huge step to reduce the carbon in your value chain. And we’re excited to be a part of your journey!

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Louis Swan

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