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Thursday 6th May 2021

We’re making it easier for our kerbside customers to recycle even more materials in 2021 by adding four new recycling services to our offering. 

Specially designed for our customers who have limited storage space but still want to do their bit for the environment and recycle as much as they can. Our new services work in exactly the same way as our existing kerbside service – order our pre-paid sacks, fill them up and we’ll collect on your allocated day from the kerbside.

Let's find out a little more about them

Coffee cup recycling

  • Coffee cup recycling can significantly improve your environmental credentials by reducing your carbon footprint
  • Coffee cups are made of a fusion of paper and plastic which means they cannot be recycled through conventional methods. They need to be separated and sent for specialist recycling. That's where we step in.
  • We send coffee cups to James Cropper in Cumbria, a specialist cup recycling firm who transform cups into new products such as deluxe paper & card, business cards. You can even buy these back from us!

Coffee ground recycling

  • Coffee ground recycling is ideal for any organisations serving lots of fresh coffee.
  • Coffee grounds are highly calorific, but this value is lost if they are destined for general waste.
  • We send coffee grounds to bio-bean in Cambridgeshire who produce bio-fuel pellets for powering bio-mass boilers and coffee logs perfect for open fires this winter.

Vegware compostables

  • Compostables are made from plant based materials and with the right treatment, can be transformed into nutrient rich compost.
  • We've teamed up with Vegware to create the perfect service, helping you throughout the compostables journey. Read our blog to find out how. 
  • After sorting at our specialist Vegware sorting line in Purfleet, we send your compostables to an in-vessel composting facility and within 7 weeks are made into nutrient rich compost spread onto local farmland.

PPE disposal

  • PPE such as face masks, gloves and other materials like lateral flow test kits and tissues may have come into contact with covid-19 and must be kept separate from your recycling and incinerated in line with the latest government advice. 
  • To keep these materials separate and easily identified, we've set up a specific service to collect these materials. Our PPE disposal service helps businesses go above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of their staff and customers. 
  • Once full, sacks must be double bagged before placing on the kerbside. We'll then collect and send straight to a 100% energy recovery facility. 

Don't forget our other kerbside recycling services

Our full range of kerbside recycling services are perfect for customers with limited storage space. All our sacks are colour-coded in line with WRAP's guidelines, to ensure maximum engagement and understanding. 

Paper, cans & plastic containers (formerly Mixed Recycling)

  • Sorted at our state-of-the-art recovery facility in Purfleet, Essex
  • We recover different types of paper, aluminium cans and plastics such as bottles, pots tubs and trays


  • General waste is transported to a 100% energy recovery facility in Belvedere
  • Our service is zero-to-landfill
  • Energy produced is sent back to the National Grid to power local homes

Glass recycling

  • Glass is transported to a specialist glass recycling facility where they are sorted into different colours, cleaned and made into pellets 
  • Glass can be recycled infinitely if collected as a separate recycling stream which is why we do not accept it in our paper, cans & plastics stream

Paper recycling

  • Paper is sent to a paper mill in France where it is transformed into new high quality Image paper in just 7 weeks
  • You can buy this paper back from our office supplies team in a complete closed loop

Food recycling

  • Food is sent for anaerobic digestion where its made into biogas and biofertiliser spread onto farmland 

Cardboard recycling

  • Collected in bundles from the kerbside, cardboard recycling is sent to a mill and transformed back into cardboard products for secondary use

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