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Wednesday 28th May 2014

This week our green thought is to improve recycling at home. The first step in achieving this is to make sure all family members are on board. For younger children – why not try making posters with them or turning it into a game? For older ones, encourage them to research the benefits so they understand the reasons behind why they should be recycling.

In a more practical sense – make sure it’s easy to do. If you have to take your recycling outside to a box you’ll be less likely (especially in the pouring rain like today) to make sure everything gets recycled. Try having two bins in each room – one for waste and one for recycling. Another suggestion is to double up the laundry basket – put all your recycling in there then when you come to sort the washing, do the recycling too!

Finally, try to reuse as much as possible and look at the things you are putting in your general waste to see if they really are necessary. For example – if you buy a product that comes packaged in a non-recyclable material, are there alternatives that you can recycle the packaging from? Little changes like these can help to make a big difference in the long run so why not give it a go today?

If you’ve got any ideas on increasing recycling at home, let us know via our social media channels:

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