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Thursday 25th June 2015

This week is Recycling Week and the theme is “recycling around the home”. At Paper Round we specialise in recycling around the work place, but that’s not to say our same basic recycling practices don’t apply at

home too. It’s the 15th Recycle Week and aims to encourage people to recycle more. To test your knowledge on the state of recycling in the UK, here’s a little quiz (answers at the bottom of the post)

  1. What percentage of people in the UK are confused about what can and cannot be recycled?
  2. How long does it take a recycled newspaper to return to the newsagents’ shelves after it is collected for recycling?
  3. What was England’s recycling rate between October 2013 and September 2014?

In light of this year’s theme, our Paper Round Green Team have been thinking about what more we can do at home to increase our recycling rate.

  • Make sure you’re aware of the services offered by your local council. Recycle Now have this extremely handy locator.
  • If your council provides a food recycling collection service, make sure you take it up. If you’re struggling with fruit flies (now the beautiful warm summer days are upon us), use a smaller food caddy and empty it daily.
  • Make it easy for yourself! Have a recycling bin inside that you can decant into the kerbside bins so you’re not tempted to put things in the bin.

Now, time to find out how you fared in our quiz!

  1. 30% of consumers are confused about what can and cannot be recycled.
  2. It only takes 7 days for newspapers to return to the shelves after they’ve been collected for recycling.
  3. England’s recycling rate in the 12 months to September 2014 was 45%

For more facts about recycling, take a look at this post from

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