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Tuesday 17th May 2022

In April, we hosted a fantastic workshop with the Sustainable Restaurant Association to explore problems and find solutions for common waste management issues with our clients working within the hospitality industry. We’re so glad in-person events are back, as we find that face-to-face is always better for problem solving and collaborating.

Our speakers, Rory Capper from Paper Round and Louisa Dodd from the SRA

To share the knowledge, we have consolidated the main takeaways that are KEY to improving a waste management and recycling system for any hospitality outlet. This includes in-office restaurants, restaurants and cafes. 

Take a look here!

Our Workshop takeaways

The workshop highlighted that many hospitality outlets face the same problems that can be tackled with our help. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in improving your recycling scheme. Make an enquiry, call us on 020 7407 9100 or send us an email on

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