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Thursday 15th August 2013

On every list I see, although he’s more famous for his acting at sea than on land in one film he is also on the board of the Natural Resources Defence Council, Global Green USA.

This couple have worked together tirelessly helping to rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina but in one film work tirelessly against one another.

More famous for his cooking than his green thinking this chef also seeks out sustainably sourced foods and campaigns for animal welfare.

You’ll be familiar seeing this guy running away from snakes, but did you know there’s an ant named after him for his work patrolling the Hudson River look for polluters to bring to justice?

You may have heard of her demands (whilst acting!) for a copy of the latest Harry Potter book, prior to its release date, but did you know she’s been campaigning for environmental health since 1989?

How many did you guess? Scroll down for the answers but no cheating!

Leonardo Di’Caprio

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Jamie Oliver

Harrison Ford

Meryl Streep

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