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Thursday 15th January 2015

It’s no secret that tap water in the UK is among the best in the world. So why, when doing waste audits, and collecting recycling, do we find so many plastic water bottles? Googling “why should I drink bottled water?” and “why do people drink bottled water?” returned results detailing why I shouldn’t drink it. So the ‘why’ remains a mystery to me, for the time being! Presumably at times it’s a convenience and at others just a habit. If you’re going to drink bottled water – can you do any good whilst you’re at it? For starters, recycling the plastic or glass bottles with Paper Round ensures they are being recycled within the UK, reducing the carbon footprint of the recycling process.

Another Google search for “ethical bottled water” shows Belu in the top 5 results. All their profits go to Water Aid, of whom they are the exclusive bottled water partner. Water Aid’s aims include: promoting, and securing, poor people’s rights, and access, to safe water; supporting governments, and service providers, in developing their capacity to deliver safe water, and to advocate for the essential role of safe water. Whilst Belu’s profits are busy supporting Water Aid, they themselves are an environmental brand. They are completely carbon neutral, a claim that extends to their products, not just their office. By using recycled materials wherever possible, and developing lighter, clear glass bottles, the bottles themselves are as green as can be.

Next time you’re reaching for a bottle of water – give a thought to what’s gone on to produce it, and where it’s off to next. If you’d like to find out more about how you can look after your tap water, Water UK has a handy guide you can download here.

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