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Tuesday 11th February 2020

How did we do it? In Brighton last week, like scientists of ceremony, we discovered the perfect synergy of experience, entertainment and function - all in celebration of making the world a more sustainable place. Was it the interactive games – miniature Paper Round trucks navigating the streets of our names (customer names that is); or the ‘mini mrf’ game – like a recycling Generation Game on fast forward: Frenetic fun with disposables on a mini conveyor. Surreal? For sure! You’ll never put recycling in the wrong bin again! Was it the Circular Fish of Fortune? Spin the fish to find out more! Perhaps it was the fabulous food - cooked on site and served on silver platters (no food waste here!). Was it the wonderful wines or beer on tap – Crumbs, from unused bread, or just the Chapel Down Champers? It could have been the backdrop - a sea of creatures, a living testament to the precious diversity of life in our oceans and the conservation efforts of the Sea Life – a Victorian room full of wonders. Perhaps it was all of the above? Certainly no small measure the enthusiasm of our Customers – eating up facts, fun and fine dining in equal measure. The prizes played their part in peaking participation – we’d all like a bit of solitary glamping in an area of re-wilded countryside, yes.

But no! We now know the crucial elixir that bonds, we know the way to an evening’s heart, to bring great elements together, to woo and stir the perfect mix of focus and fun, to captivate your audience, to bring it to that moment, the sin that tips the scales, it’s called a Chocolate Fountain. Oh, that corner of the Sea Life that was pure Willy Wonka. Perhaps next year we’ll send out golden tickets!

To every one of you who came to our Circular Economy Fair last week, customers, staff, suppliers and charity partners alike, a big thank you! In the words of one our Customers the next morning, we had a blast! Hopefully we will go full circle and ‘sea’ you again next year!

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Darren Hedges

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