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Friday 21st November 2014

This week was the week the first poo-powered bus took to the streets of Bath. Running on human and food waste, the 40 seater “bio-bus” uses gas generated through anaerobic digestion. Although sadly not running on the number 2 route, the A4 service will travel between Bath and Bristol Airport.

Bio Bus

The bus can travel up to 186 miles on a single tank, which will take the annual waste of about five people to produce. By using gas, instead of more traditional fuels , air quality will be improved and the fuel itself is a more sustainable option.

With Bristol becoming Europe’s “Green Capital” next year, the timing of the buses launch could not be more appropriate. The European Green Capital Award is given to a city that :

"•Has a consistent record of achieving high environmental standards;

•Is committed to ongoing and ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and sustainable development;

•Can act as a role model to inspire other cities and promote best practices to all other European cities.”

Source: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/europeangreencapital/about-the-award/index.html

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