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Wednesday 10th July 2013

So, what next? Sun cream! Always good to stay protected in the sun, and did you know that you can’t swim in some coral reefs unless you use a reef friendly sun cream? Every year 4-6,000 tonnes of sun cream washes off swimmers and snorkelers into coral reef environments. To help out, search online for “reef friendly sun cream”. What’s more, the reef friendly creams contain less chemicals so for those of you with sensitive skin they’ll be well worth checking out.

Finally, picnics. The key thing here would be to make sure you’re not harming any local wildlife by distressing animals not used to human contact. But for those of us not taking our picnics into the back and beyond, simply making sure you recycle your rubbish and don’t leave it where you were is enough.

Day to day it’s always a good idea to take a bottle of water with you. Why not leave it in the fridge beforehand so you don’t need to waste water waiting for the tap to go cold? You’ll also save money and decrease waste by not buying bottles whilst you’re out!

Have you got any green picnic tips? Let us know!

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