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Wednesday 26th June 2013

These things got me thinking, what’s the strangest thing we’ve had in our recycling bins?

Thank you to FreeDigitalPhotos.net and piyato for the use of this picture

Other than the standard wedding rings, watches and other paraphernalia that can drop off our hands as we’re recycling we were once called out to a clothing bank by the RSPCA for fears that a cat was trapped. When we arrived, it turned out it was just a creaking sign on the side of a building that sounded like a distressed feline! Whilst doing a waste audit one of our account managers once came across a 3 metre long toy snake.

But, our favourite find of all has got to be when one of our drivers turned up to empty a bin to find a box of live rabbits in there. Not to worry though, they’re now happily hopping around in his garden at home in Kent with a loving family to look after them.

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