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Thursday 31st October 2013

  1. Keeping windows and doors closed will obviously help to keep heat in, but keeping the curtains/blinds shut will help re-enforce your efforts.
  2. It’s about now when we have to get reacquainted with remembering to turn off the lights in those rooms that have been naturally lit all summer. So remember, let light bulbs dream!
  3. Try to combine trips in the car. For example, do the shopping whilst out on the school run or visiting friends.
  4. If you have got the heating on, try turning it down a few degrees and pulling out the jumper that’s felt unloved all summer.
  5. Finally, whether it’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate or a choca-moca-orange-with extra whipped cream, if you’re feeling cold, a hot drink will help warm you up from the inside. (Combine this with number 4 to feel warm all over!)

Hopefully they’ll help you to save some money now winter’s here, if you’ve got any tips of your own, we’d love to hear them.

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