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Friday 2nd June 2017

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We all do our bit day to day to try and protect our environment, whether this be recycling paper in the office, cycling and leaving the car at home or something as simple as re-using that carrier bag for the fifth time.

But how often do we sit back, appreciate and celebrate the beautiful nature on this precious planet? This Monday 5th June, World Environment Day is encouraging you to do just that, to go outside, admire the view, breathe in the fresh air and show that you’re #WithNature.

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action celebrated by millions from all over the world. The first WED began in 1972, and has a different hosting country each year, this year Canada will be at the centre of celebrations across the globe.
Celebrations include thousands of outdoor events such as hikes, picnics, neighbor-hood clean-ups, replanting forests and talks for plans against wildlife crime. If you wish to take part you can find your nearest event here.

World Environment Day is for everyone, everywhere, and if you don’t fancy an event you can still appreciate and explore nature by joining in with this year’s theme.
The theme ‘’Connecting People to Nature" encourages all of us to re-engage with the beauty of nature in our world outdoors, by sharing the story of our favourite place in nature and why it matters to us personally.

Simply take a picture or video of your favourite place, and share it on social media Wousing the #WorldEnvironmentDay or #WithNature hashtag. Whether it be the flourishing flowers in your back garden or a photo of the palm trees on your favourite beach, upload the picture and join millions in seeing the most beautiful nature spots on Earth.

You can see some of the stunning photos that people from all around the world have already uploaded here. Which will eventually be put together to form the world’s largest photo album.

For more information on this year's World Environment Day celebrations and how you can take part, visit their website.

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