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From November we will change our name and become Recorra.
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From November we will change our name and become Recorra. Click to find out more.

Tuesday 24th July 2018

The Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) have launched a campaign to highlight the profit loss in food waste and have designed a three-step toolkit to help those in the hospitality business work towards less food waste.

WRAP have found that 40% of all food waste is associated with ‘carbohydrate foods’, including the following avoidable categories:

  • potato and potato products (21%)
  • bread and bakery (12%)
  • pasta/rice (7%)

The higher value food types account for a lower proportion of avoidable food waste, for example:

  • fruit and vegetable food waste (15%)
  • meat/fish (6%)

"The big number we’re all working towards is the 50% reduction in global food waste by 2030... It’s a Herculean task and we all need to up our efforts, and act now." - Peter Maddox, WRAP UK Director.

The simple three-step guide helps users review the food thrown away, make an action plan and keep it going. Users can track food thrown away on a three day or seven day tracking sheet. There's also a handy tracking calculator to work out what the food waste is costing and how much could be saved.

Head to the starter guide to find out more.

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