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Thursday 9th March 2017

Many of us enjoy discovering new ways to push our passion for protecting the environment to high limits, and the attempt to produce ‘Zero Waste’, or as little waste as possible, is a challenge more and more of us are taking on. 

Someone who has well and truly succeeded in this challenge is Bea Johnson, and she is coming to London for the first time this weekend to describe how her family of four’s entire rubbish for October 2015-October 2016 fit in the tiny jar below.

Image courtesy of Bea Johnson

Best selling author Bea will be urging Brits to ‘stop being wasters’ in an engaging two hour talk and will be enthusing others to join her on the Zero Waste Movement.

The 41-year old’s blog ZeroWasteHome also explores her Zero Waste lifestyle, and showcases a range of re-usable kitchen, garden, travel, hygiene and office essentials she uses to ensure she stays wasteless in her everyday life.

Speaking of her excitement for the event this weekend, Bea says

‘I’m really excited to share my lifestyle in London. There’s been a lot of interest in this way of life in the UK. Some people say that individual actions do not matter, I believe the contrary. Change starts at home.’

“It’s improved our lives so much that we could not go back to the way we used to live. In showing that it can be stylish, as well as saving time and money (40% on our overall budget), we changed people’s misconceptions. And our lifestyle turned into a movement. Thousands are doing this now,”

The event, hosted by Unpackaged, who opened the first modern Zero Waste shop in London in 2006 will be held this Sunday 12th March at 5pm – 10pm at Mary Ward House, Conference and Exhibition Centre, 5-7 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN.

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