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Friday 1st September 2017

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Zero waste week is running in the first full week of September. It’s a great opportunity to engage employees about the environment and start changing habits. Here’s a few ideas:


An easy way to reduce plastic consumption is to introduce a plastic bag station. That way staff can donate and reuse carrier bags when they go out for lunch. Switch to reusable items, where plastics are concerned having reusable plastic bottles rather than disposable ones.

Bits and Bobs

Get staff to bring in broken things from home like toys or electronics and hold a repair session. Just remember, for electronics, make sure they’re safe to use first!
Unwanted (working!) items like clothes, toys, books or DVD’s could be bought in for a swap shop. For more details on how you can get involved, head over to

Clearing Out

For clearances, Paper Round can also help. We’ll make sure all your unwanted items are reused or recycled in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Just get in touch on 020 7407 9100 or take a look here.

About Zero Waste Week

Zero waste week began in 2008 to help everyone (householders, businesses and community groups) increase recycling and reduce landfill waste. In its 9 year history, zero waste week has been:

  • Voted number 1 in Resource Magazine “Hot 100”
  • Engaged with over 50 local authorities to aid them in promoting to residents
  • Appeared in award winning documentary “Trashed” with Jeremy Irons

Certifications and Memberships