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Wednesday 3rd September 2014

This week is zero waste week so what better theme for our blog? The theme this year is “One More Thing” what one more thing could you do to reduce the amount of waste you produce? To get involved you can make a pledge, subscribe to the newsletters or sign up to the social media communities.

Many of the zero waste ideas can help you to save money as well as become greener and they’re only small little changes. Getting involved doesn’t have to be an arduous task, you can simply start small and make a pledge, for example:

  • Take your own plastic containers for meat & fish from the counter
  • Purchase loose fruit and veg
  • Repair something
  • Taking clothes to a textile bank
  • Ditching plastic carrier bags
  • Upcycle something - take a look at pintrest for some nifty ideas

To find out more about zero waste week, including other pledge ideas check out

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Let us know what you’re pledging to do on social media:

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