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Our Materials Recycling Facility

In 2013 Paper Round invested £2m in a new operations hub which houses our state-of-the-art Materials Recycling Facility (MRF). This allows us to sort your recycling to the highest standards in-house, retaining quality in the recycling chain and offering closed-loop paper recycling.

Our Secure Shredding Unit

The Paper Round depot also houses our highly efficient Secure Shredding Unit. Our Untha shredder is capable of shredding 5.25 tonnes of confidential paper per hour and the unit and processing methods comply with BS EN 15713. Paper Round is a member of BSIA and NAID, which means you can expect the highest standards from our security shredding service.

Our Secure Shredding Unit


Paper Round sends non-recyclable waste to a modern energy-from-waste plant where it is used to generate electricity. The residual waste is transported on the River to Cory’s incinerator in Belvedere. This ensures that none of your waste is sent to landfill and conserves resources as well as reducing CO2 emissions. Diverting non-recyclable materials from landfill is in line with WRAP’s waste hierarchy and offers environmental and financial benefits by helping you avoid rising landfill costs.


Anaerobic digestion

Passionate about real recycling, we ensure maximum environmental benefits from recycling your food waste. We use anaerobic digestion (AD) to convert your food waste into biogas and liquid biofertiliser. The biogas is used to produce clean renewable electricity and the biofertiliser is spread onto farmland. AD is recognised by the UK Government and Friends of the Earth as the best method for treating food waste. The AD process prevents the emission of 905kg of CO2 per tonne of food waste compared to landfill.

Closed-loop recycling

The closed-loop, or circular, economy describes an ideal in industrial processes, where the products and materials we consume don’t run the course of cradle to grave, but rather cradle to cradle. Paper Round is a strong proponent of the closed-loop model, which sees waste as a resource and retains quality throughout the recycling process for the highest environmental gains. Using Paper Round to recycle your paper and securely shred your confidential materials allows you to become a closed-loop company. We collect your paper and six weeks later it can be back in your printing machine in the form of Image 100% recycled office paper.


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