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Coffee ground recyclingCoffee ground recycling

Coffee ground recycling is ideal for any organisation serving lots of fresh coffee. We collect your waste coffee grounds and take them to bio-bean who produce bio-fuel pellets for powering bio-mass boilers. bio-bean is an award-winning company that stops waste going to landfill and incineration, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and creates carbon neutral biofuels. Working with bio-bean, we can provide you with a cost effective, sustainable way of increasing transparency in your waste disposal and reducing your carbon footprint. At Paper Round we are continually seeking to reduce our carbon footprint and help you reduce yours. Every year in the UK, 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions are generated by the 500,000 tonnes of coffee waste we dispose of. By putting coffee grounds through a more specialised treatment process its power as a fuel can be harnessed, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Collection frequencies are tailored to your individual needs
  • Coffee grounds are converted into bio-fuel pellets
  • Helps you to reduce your carbon footprint
Coffee ground recycling

How do we collect?

Wheeled bins

Wheeled bins

  • We provide specially designed wheeled bins
  • Full bins are exchanged for empty, clean bins at each collection
  • Ideal for businesses with large volumes of waste coffee grounds
Food Recycling Caddy

large caddies

  • 40 litre caddies are lined with a clear plastic sack and emptied directly
  • 30 litre pedal bins are ideal for use in kitchens, improving hygiene
Food waste cady, ideal for business food recycling

Worktop caddies

  • Smaller caddies are ideal for small kitchens or tea-station areas
  • Caddies are lined with a biosack that can be emptied into a larger bin, sack or caddy for collection

What happens to your coffee ground recycling?

Coffee ground recycling


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