Ethical & Closed Loop Stationery & Office Supplies

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Practical Plastics

  • We work with our clients to cut single use plastics
  • From the remaining plastic waste we can produce high quality products such as clothing and drinking bottles
  • We're proud to support the Marine Conservation Society in their work fighting against marine plastics

Circular Economy Paper

  • 100% recycled paper product, Image, is Paper Round's original circular economy product
  • Save trees and carbon by recycling your paper with us and then buying it back
  • Image is bright white and guaranteed for use in your printer

Coffee cups to business cards

  • Over 5,000 coffee cups are thrown away each minute in the UK
  • Paper Round has partnered with James Cropper to convert cups into beautiful paper products
  • We can supply you with business cards, brochures and menus made from your own coffee cup waste

How do we collaborate with you?

We've perfected our approach to working with our clients over the last 30 years to maximise their recycling rates

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