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Our approach

Sustainability and efficiency are at the heart of our Office Supplies department. We believe in maximising the lifespan of materials and creating new products from waste. That’s why we are one of the leading providers of sustainable office stationery and business supplies in the UK.

The customer experience is really important to us, that’s why you’ll benefit from a dedicated account manager, committed to delivering outstanding service with the environment in mind.

Categories include: environmental certification, ethical supply chains and recycled content

SustainABLE Procurement

Our team of experts have curated a selection of products to help you choose the most ethical and sustainable office supplies on the market. We’ve selected over 2,000 sustainable products based upon a criterion including: recycled content, ethical supply chains, and environmental credentials.

For the first time, it is now incredibly easy to switch to more sustainable alternatives. Our ecommerce site has been reconfigured to show you the products that will significantly improve your social and environmental footprint, whilst still giving you access to all the products you may ever need.

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