Cardboard recycling service collection in London, Brighton, the South East and Essex

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How do we collect?

  • Pre-paid cardboard tape

    • A simple way to recycle small quantities of cardboard
    • Bundles are labelled with tape and collected from the pavement outside your workplace
    • Or from inside, depending on your requirements
  • Wheeled bins

    • For workplaces that produce higher volumes of waste cardboard
    • Wheeled bins provide ample storage in between collections
  • Roll cages

    • For businesses that produce high volumes of cardboard
    • Particularly popular in the retail and distribution sectors
    • An efficient method for storing and moving around this bulky waste stream
  • Blue cardboard sacks

    • Strong, woven-plastic sacks that fit a range of smart recycling bins
    • Best for customers who want their cardboard collected from inside the workplace
    • Convenient for storing bulky cardboard, keeping it neat and tidy between your collections
  • Bales

    • We can collect baled cardboard
    • Installation of baling equipment on site can provide great financial savings
  • Cubic meter sacks

    • Sacks are extremely strong and sturdy
    • Easily pack away when not in use
    • Great way to store cardboard recycling at workplaces short on space
    • (Only available in certain areas)

What happens to your cardboard recycling

  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 1

    Cardboard should be flattened to save space on your site and on our trucks


  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 2

    Our truck will collect your cardboard from your premises


  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 3

    At our yard the cardboard is baled before being sent for processing


  • What happens to your cardboard recycling step 4

    The cardboard is made back into packaging


How do we collaborate with you?

We've perfected our approach to working with our clients over the last 30 years to maximise their recycling rates

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